The Rap Sheet Dossier

The Crimefighter is a fan of pro-wrestling, ever since about Wrestlemania One when I happen to see a TV ad for Saturday Night's Main Event where Mr. T was going to compete. After that day, I was hooked. Alas, I am of the view that wrestling was more fun to watch when you were under the notion that wrestling was a competition sport and not a scripted violent theater play. And I'm also of the belief that your success should not be handed to you like what a booker does, or a communist government. It is a wonder why pro wrestling veered so far away from sports competition and is the only sport, apart from roller derby, where the outcomes are completely predetermined.

Regardless, after reading many recaps and rants about so many episodes of Raw, Nitro, Thunder, and Smackdown, I started acting as a freelance reporter for the various wrestling shows that happen to pass through my hometown of Springfield, IL. I have only recently given a title to these recaps of wrestling shows I've written, that being "The Rap Sheet", perfectly fitting my personna. I've written a number of these now, so I have put the collection of them into a dossier, so you now have "The Rap Sheet Dossier". These are all arranged in chronological order by company.

The views expressed by Crimefighter are solely his own and do not in any way reflect the views of his friends, associates, family, all those people that are associated with various wrestling companies listed here, or anyone else on the planet. Therefore, please do not bother anyone EXCEPT Crimefighter about his reviews. And the Crimefighter shuns the censorship of these reviews.

The Rap Sheet Blog

St. Louis Wrestling Community

New Midwest Wrestling

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Other wrestling shows

Brawl Between the Walls - 4/7/2K7

Brew City Wrestling

Waukesha, WI - 5/21/2K4

Capital City Championship Wrestling

3CW House Show - 4/17/2K4
3CW House Show - 5/1/2K4
Blood Sweat & Tears - 7/24/2K4
Hardcore Hell - 10/30/2K4
3CW House Show - 8/20/2K5
3CW House Show - 9/10/2K5
3CW House Show - 7/16/2K6

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FIST Wrestling

Peoria, IL - 5/29/2K5

Full Throttle Wrestling

Roodhouse, IL - 3/11/2K6
Carlinville, IL - 4/8/2K6

Gateway Championship Wrestling

Mt. Vernon, IL - 11/12/2K5
Mt. Vernon, IL - 6/10/2K6
Mt. Vernon, IL - 9/30/2K6
Mt. Vernon, IL - 11/25/2K6

Great American Wrestling

Blue Collar Brawl - 9/4/2K4
Darkness Falls - 10/24/2K4
Wrestlecade - 11/21/2K4
Christmas Fury - 12/12/2K4
Panamonium - 1/23/2K5
Crossing the Line - 2/27/2K5
Envy - 3/20/2K5
Freedom Cup - 4/29/2K5
Freedom Cup Part II - 5/20/2K5
New Beginnings - 6/5/2K5
United We Stand - 7/1/2K5
Maroa, IL - 8/12/2K5
New Years Anarchy - 1/21/2K6
Crossing the Line - 2/18/2K6
Fools Gold - 3/31/2K6
Freedom Cup Tourney - 4/22/2K6
United We Stand - 7/15/2K6

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Half Pint Brawlers

Jingle Brawl - 12/30/2K5

Hammerlock Pro Wrestling

Stanford, IL - 1/19/2K7
Stanford, IL - 2/16/2K7
Stanford, IL - 3/30/2K7
Stanford, IL - 5/25/2K7

Intergalactic Wrestling Federation

IL State Fair - August 2002
IL State Fair - August 2003
IL State Fair - August 2004

International Wrestling Association - Mid-South

Herrin, IL - 4/1/2K5

Lethal Wrestling Alliance

House Springs, MO - 2/24/2K7

Micro Wrestling Federation

Vandalia, IL - 9/1/2K6

Midwest Powerhouse Wrestling

In Search of the Beast - 4/19/2K3
The Grand Brawl - 2/7/2K4
March Madness - 3/6/2K4
Championship Collision - 5/8/2K4

St. Peters, MO - 10/29/2K5
Midwestern States Pro Wrestling

MSPW Wheaton - 2/26/2K5
MSPW Charleston - 4/16/2K5

National Wrestling Federation

NWF Springfield - September 1999

Next Generation Wrestling

End Game - 4/19/2K3
Ace of Spades - 7/10/2K4
NGW Weekly Show - 10/9/2K4
Luck O' The Draw - 3/19/2K5
Scars & Stripes - 7/16/2K5
Indy-Structable - 9/17/2K5
Brawloween - 10/15/2K5
NGW Weekly Show - 11/19/2K5
NGW Weekly Show - 12/17/2K5
Cold War - 1/28/2K6
Luck of the Draw - 3/18/2K6
Ace of Spades - 5/13/2K6
Scars & Stripes - 7/8/2K6
NGW Weekly Show - 8/26/2K6
NGW Weekly Show - 11/18/2K6
NGW Weekly Show - 12/16/2K6 (brief)
NGW Weekly Show - 12/30/2K6
NGW Weekly Show - 2/17/2K7
NGW Weekly Show - 3/3/2K7

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New Breed Wrestling Alliance

Rantoul, IL - 4/21/2K7

Powerhouse Wrestling Incorporated

Lincoln, IL - 8/27/2K5
Lincoln, IL - 2/10/2K6
Lincoln, IL - 3/25/2K6
Lincoln, IL - 7/29/2K6
Lincoln, IL - 8/26/2K6
Lincoln, IL - 2/10/2K7

Rampage Championship Wrestling

Carlinville, IL - August 2003
Carlinville, IL - 9/20/2K3
Alton, IL - 10/25/2K3
Litchfield, IL - 9/9/2K5

Scott County Wrestling

Epic - 8/21/2K4

Supreme League of Wrestling

Mattoon, IL - 10/28/2K6
Mattoon, IL - 3/10/2K7

World Wrestling Federation

Springfield House Show - August 2002
Springfield House Show - February 2004
Springfield House Show - June 2004

Ultimate Velocity Wrestling

Springfield, IL - 2/19/2K6
Sherman, IL - 6/11/2K6

Windy City Pro Wrestling

WCPW Springfield - April 2000

Editorial Comments

Missouri's Pregnancy Law - 6/5/2K6
Wrestling Off-Season Proposal - 7/25/2K7

The Interviews

Jeremy Duerksen 8/16/2K4
"Soon To Be" Justin MacIntyre 8/18/2K4
Gavin Alexander 9/14/2K4
Cherry Malone 9/15/2K4
Chip Conway 1/1/2K5
Jokaz 1/11/2K5
Spotlight Spencer Powers 1/18/2K5
Vampyr Kaval 3/12/2K5
George "The Animal" 3rd 7/8/2K5
Donovan Cain 8/8/2K5
AJ Powers 8/20/2K5
Stumpy 11/22/2K5
Jaxson Pride 1/23/2K6
John "Pee-Wee" Moore 6/20/2K7

Video Reviews

Gravediggers: Driven By Rage
ECW Extreme Evolution (Censored)
Wrestling's Greatest Villians
Maccabiah Mania II - Part One
Streaming Video Review #1 4/22/2K3
Streaming Video Review #2 4/26/2K3
Streaming Video Review #3 4/28/2K3
Streaming Video Review #4 5/4/2K3
Streaming Video Review #5 5/8/2K3
Streaming Video Review #6 5/14/2K3
Streaming Video Review #7 5/30/2K3
Streaming Video Review #8 6/10/2K3
Streaming Video Review #9 6/18/2K3
Streaming Video Review #10 7/31/2K3
Streaming Video Review #11 8/27/2K3
Streaming Video Review #12 9/18/2K3
Streaming Video Review #13 10/3/2K3
Streaming Video Review #14 10/16/2K3
Streaming Video Review #15 11/10/2K3
Streaming Video Review #16 11/24/2K3
Streaming Video Review #17
--Cheerleader Melissa 12/1/2K3

Streaming Video Review #18 12/3/2K3
Streaming Video Review #19 12/11/2K3
Streaming Video Review #20
--Crash Holly Tribute 12/29/2K3

Streaming Video Review #21 1/1/2K4
Streaming Video Review #22 1/16/2K4
Streaming Video Review #23 1/22/2K4
Streaming Video Review #24 3/15/2K4
Streaming Video Review #25 4/7/2K4
Streaming Video Review #26 4/12/2K4
Streaming Video Review #27 10/8/2K4
Streaming Video Review #28 11/17/2K4
Streaming Video Review #29 12/2/2K4
Streaming Video Review #30 8/11/2K5
Streaming Video Review #31 - AAW Episodes 1-4


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